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Nothing like the magic power of a brain fart to start the process of gathering ideas, crew members, and a finished project. To me, these are milestones and accomplishments. Stay tuned for more in the making. Just remember, every balled up piece of paper has the potential to be great. There are no such things as stupid ideas… Those are always fun!

Graphic Design

When it comes to graphic arts, there’s nothing like taking a vision and mapping it out for the world to see. Whether it starts off on napkin or sketched as a stick figure, the finished piece and the message behind it in the most important. No matter how big the project, whether it’s business cards, character creation, or corporate branding, the vision will always remain important to me.


There is nothing like using a lens as an external extension of the eye. Capturing moments that are timeless and meaningful. From innocent candid shots to professional model display, each capture is worth the look and tell a story beyond words.

Videography and Editing

Taking captured footage or imagery to portray a cohesive story or message to get your audience involved. Documentaries, commercials, music videos, or shows, no matter the storyboard, putting a visual display is always a work of art!

Indie Class Radio - Commercial

Indie Class Radio - Soundcloud Rapper

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