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Like anyone’s toolbox, there is a bunch of doodads, gizmos, switches, buttons, and a whole slew of other things organized into a bundle to make the ultimate arsenal to tackle any situation. Until, you realize that few upgrades and additions that’ll make the task at hand easier. Now where is that receipt!?

From Ideas to Content Graphics From Ideas to Content
Nothing like the process of picking up a pencil and trying to figure out what idea to put on paper and transfer it into an actual product. Now for the brain farts...
Capturing the Moments Photography Capturing the Moments
Capturing those moments that are memorable. Every little detail tucked into a frame for people to share. Just don't worry about that zit or booger, I'll handle it!
Recording Masterpieces Videography Recording Masterpieces
Lights, Camera, Action, and a ton of Production. Recording the movements to inspire and awe the audience with content. If it wasn't in the script, I'll wing it! Go for it!
Perfection with elbow grease Editing Perfection with elbow grease
Taking all that wonderful footage and adding some elbow grease, duct tape, safety pins, a couple of snips and clips to make a wonderful finished product!

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